Aboriginal Advisory Group

Aboriginal Advisory Group

A state-wide Aboriginal Advisory Group (AAG) has been established by Women and Newborn Health Service (WNHS). This group is chaired by the WNHS Aboriginal Senior Health Promotion Officer and BSWA is represented by the Senior Aboriginal Health Program Officer. Aboriginal communities state-wide nominate a representative from their region.

Members are nominated by the community or, if necessary, are invited and appointed with the support of the community, by the AAG chair. It is imperative that one representative be appointed from each of the regional areas and from the North and South metropolitan areas. Membership is for a period of two years with the flexibility of extension after the expired term.

Aboriginal communities, in a cultural context, consider breast related matters as “women’s business”. In respect to this, AAG appointments are female Aboriginal health workers employed either by the Department of Health or the Aboriginal Medical Service. Alternatively, non-working Aboriginal women who are recognised and accepted by their community may be nominated in the absence of an Aboriginal health worker.

Membership is from the following regions: East Kimberley, West Kimberley, West Pilbara, East Pilbara including Newman-Western Desert area, Goldfields, Murchison, Gascoyne, Great Southern, Bunbury and North and South metropolitan areas.

For more information about the AAG, or to nominate as a representative, please contact the Senior Aboriginal Health Program Officer on (08) 9323 6709.

Use our contact form or call BreastScreen WA on:

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Last Updated: 13/06/2023