Women over 75

Here is some information to help you decide whether to stop or continue screening.

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  • There is evidence of overall benefit for women aged 50–74 from regular screening mammograms. (World Health Organisation) 
  • Once you turn 75 you will no longer be sent a letter reminding you to attend for your two-yearly mammogram. 
  • There is no scientific evidence that for women over 75 participating in a population breast cancer screening program results in more health benefits than harms.
  • We recommend you see your GP to discuss the benefits of continuing screening mammograms.
  • As the risk of developing breast cancer increases with age, if you notice any unusual changes in your breasts such as lumps, nipple discharge, skin changes or persistent new breast pain, please see your GP promptly.

For further information please call 13 20 50.


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Get to know your breasts and what is normal for you. Look in the mirror at your breasts and feel your breasts from time to time.

If you notice any unusual changes in your breasts such as lumps, nipple discharge, or persistent new breast pain, even if your last screening mammogram was normal, please see your GP promptly.

Ask your GP about breast health at your next check-up.

Last Updated: 08/06/2022